At A&A, we use Natural Look waxes from Australia. Natural Look professional liquid and hot waxes are blended with natural aromatic oils, titanium dioxide and mica for superior spreadability and are the ideal solution for effective and long-lasting hair removal.

Prices are as follows:

Upper Lip/Chin 35
Neck 25
Full Arm 65
Lower Arm 35
Under Arm 35
Chest 40
Stomach 25
Lower Back 25
Full Back 65
Crack 20
Buttock 25
Bikini Line 55
Brazilian 75
Strip (All Off) 85
Full Leg with Bikini 125
Full Leg 75
Half Leg 45

Difference between Elight & IPL:

The performance of E-light System extends far beyond any other traditional method. The single dose of IPL (intense pulsed light) energy is able to penetrate through the skin to a depth of 2.5

mm, whereas IPL supported with RF (radio frequency) energy reaches down to 4.0 mm without being absorbed by pigments in darker skin, as is the case of IPL itself. The highest safety measures of the system provide better efficiency and minimize

any health-related risks. Using a traditional IPL method, a tissue can hardly absorb 30%-40% of energy while the rest is being reflected and dispersed or refracted. E-light System (IPL+RF) significantly minimizes both aspects of reflection and refraction. The penetration of a tissue is much more effective, therefore smaller amounts of energy can be used, not only reducing risk of

burns to the skin, but also improving comfort of the treatment. IPL alone is inferior to E-light systems inasmuch as IPL does not affect hair that is poor in melanin (blond or gray), and, traditional IPL alone has unsatisfactory results in patients with dark complexion or tanned skin.