Brazilian Waxing in The Heart of Bugis

A Brazilian Wax involves the depilation or total removal of all hair on and around the pubic region. This procedure targets both front and back (including the vagina, perineum and anus), leaving the area completely smooth and hairless.

This style of waxing is popular with women hoping to wear certain styles of swimwear, as in some styles pubic hair may potentially be visible around the swimsuit’s crotch area. As visible pubic hair is widely disapproved of and a potentially embarrassing occurrence, many women opt to have it removed. This is not the only reason for desiring a Brazilian wax, as some people also elect to remove unexposed pubic hair, for a variety of reasons including personal hygiene, aesthetic, fashion, cultural, or other reasons.

The smoothest Brazilian with waxing products by Natural Look

Our waxing therapists only use the best. At our Bugis location, we exclusively use Natural Look waxes made in Australia. We then blend these professional liquid and hot waxes with a range of fragrant natural oils, as well as titanium dioxide and mica to improve spreadability. We are proud to offer a long-lasting and effective solution for hair removal.

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