Essential Oil Massage

The many benefits of aromatherapy massage

This is one of only a few natural therapies which uses scent to access the brain’s limbic system which is responsible for controlling emotions as well as influencing the body’s hormones and nervous system. When the oils are massaged into your skin the scents of these plant extracts are released into the air and stimulate the limbic system. Various oils affect various parts of the body in this way and can influence things like stress levels, memory, the immune system, digestion, breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. Specific oils can be used to treat different health concerns. For example, neroli helps to reduce anxiety, lift the mood and ease cramps and PMS whilst eucalyptus can be used to improve breathing, clear the mind, and energize the body.
When you attend your aromatherapy session with us, you can expect to enjoy a light massage which engages the senses and works right down to the cellular level. Our therapists use the potent essential oils to engage particular ‘tsubo’ pressure points on the body derived from the practice of acupressure. This holistic massage involves gentle strokes, to stimulate the body and senses.
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Singapore’s Best Essential Oil Massage

Unwind from your busy lifestyle and let us ease the tension in your body with an aromatherapy massage at A&A Wellness Spa. An essential oil massage is an intensely relaxing sensory experience. For many thousands of years, plant extracts have been used to restore the body and relax the mind. The talented therapists at our Singapore spa continue this tradition by using essential oils infused with plant extracts to massage into the skin and release heady, calming aromas.

NORMAL – $78 | PACKAGE – $60