Head Therapy

Head Therapy

Head therapy provided by A&A Wellness SPA is a head massage that effectively stimulates the growth and rejuvenation of one’s scalp and hair. In Chinese medicine, the head is the “master” of the whole body. The head not only controls other parts of the body, the poor maintenance of our hair and scalp could lead to other implications. For instance, the scalp is critical to the human body as it controls the elasticity of the body’s skin.

This is the treatment for symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Hair loss
  • Facial aging

The Chinese Head Therapy provided here is poised to solve these problems as it can detox the scalp, improve oily scalp, ease scalp itchiness and dandruff conditions, prevent white hair and hair loss, improve hair texture, release head stress, prevent cardiovascular issues, improve sleep, memory as well as head blood circulation.

At A&A Wellness SPA, the Chinese Head Therapy uses ancient prions of Yao which is inherited from one thousand years. The prion is derived from boiling over 60 kinds of natural medicine, retaining only the finest natural plant extracts for usage. This is in line with A&A Wellness SPA’s insistence on all-natural approach.