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Ultimate relaxation with Singapore's most luxurious massage and spa

Discover a refreshing holistic wellness experience that pampers your body and mind at the same time. A&A Wellness Spa provides a wide range of treatments designed to unwind and relax city dwellers caught up in their busy lifestyles. Our massage and spa is known around Singapore for offering a wide array of body treatments, facial treatments, waxing procedures and body and foot massages in Singapore.

We are adamant about using all-natural ingredients. We insist on pure aromatherapy oils and only using the very finest extracts. Our skilled spa and massage therapists use natural products to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience each time, energising and invigorating you!

Our focus on wellbeing enables us to deliver effective yet cheap spa and massage services in Bugis, which help our patrons look better and feel better!

A wide range of body massage and other services in Bugis

A&A Wellness Spa offers tired and weary people across Singapore everything they need to keep fresh and beautiful:

  • Facial Treatments: Our therapists offer beautifying wellness services suitable for all types of skin. While each and every individual is different, you can rely on our expert consultants to always cater to your body’s unique needs. We use natural, gentle facial products, leaving your face feeling as soft and smooth as silk.
  • Body Treatments: Pamper yourself and glow from the inside out with our selection of body treatments, each tailored to maximise your body’s health benefits. You have a choice of a wide range of professionally-applied treatments including ear candling, moxibustion and more. Experience the new you with our help.
  • Massages: A combination of gentle stimulation and active ingredients scours unattractive dead skin from your body while locking in moisture for a dewy soft, smooth texture. We will do our utmost to give your exhausted body the pampering it deserves. Choose from our wide selection of massages ranging from Hot Stone Body to Javanese Oil Massages! We can also cater to the unique needs of pregnant women.
  • Waxing: Our spa only uses high-quality Australian-made Natural Look waxes. We blend these professional hot and liquid waxes with beautiful natural aromatic oils for scent and titanium dioxide and mica for increased spreadability. Our unique blends are the ideal solution for long-lasting, effective hair removal.
  • Herbal Bath: A&A Wellness Spa offers a unique Imperial Herbal Bath. This procedure is more than just a wonderfully relaxing experience; the herbal bath also has powerful medicinal effects and qualities. We add a specially formulated combination of powerful Chinese Herbal Remedies to the bath water, enabling your body to absorb healing through the skin.

Live in luxury life with our spa and massage treatments

Indulge in an uplifting experience at our Bugis centre and pamper yourself - because you are worth it. Browse our range of promotions and discover a more affordable way to give your body the care it deserves.

Speak to us today to book your next session of luxury. Make a booking through our online portal or get in touch over the phone on +65 6336 6126 to find out more.

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